Anurag Chawla

Jun 17, 2021

2 min read

2D Galaxy Shooter: Added New Features..!!

Here added new features to the 2D Galaxy Shooter..These are added based on the concept of Wave System, Player and Enemies — spawning & movements , Laser — spawning and movement of laser when they(player and enemies) came close as we have seen in my earlier articles..

Note: Here enemies too have shields on/off..

  1. Aggressive Enemy — Where one of enemies waves..just comes towards to the player and keep firing..towards the player along the path.
Aggressive Enemies…

2. Pickup PowerUp — Player capability to Pickup Power -up when press the “C” Key..

Player — PickUp PowerUps when Press “C”

3. Smart Enemy — Where one of enemies waves..that fires to the player from behind too.

Smart Enemies- Fire from behind..