The Great Fleece..!!

The Great Fleece is a stealth, point & click adventure game with engaging cutscenes created with Timeline & Cinemachine.

One can get this free from Asset Store in Unity. It helps to tell a story using cinematography in games, how to place actors use timelines to create a sequence of events, and create controllable virtual cameras with Cinemachine.

In my coming articles — I will keep posting on another journey of working with games machines, starting with environments and lighting — how to use materials, textures, emission maps, light probes, setting up skybox as well as using reflections in unity.

In this article — let's start with two pillars stand next to each other.

In order to make the right pillar identical to the left — we need to apply standard shader, Albedo channel applying texture to the Albedo channel & working with metallic, smoothness, and tiling.

Two Pillars- standing next to each other.
Applying Albedo color from the Inspector

As seen above, applying the Albedo color from the Inspector to the right pillar, can't provide the same consistent appearance as the other pillar on its left.

As the outside designer has provided the marble texture that is included with this project. This texture can be applied by clicking the small circle having a dot in it adjacent to the Albedo, select and one can choose the marble texture and it wraps the pillar with the texture and it looks good.

Applying Marble Texture that wraps the pillar.

But still, the texture is still not consistent as compared to the left pillar. In order to make it we need to do Tiling — which makes somewhat similar to the left pillar.

Applying Tiling to the Pillar

Still, it missing the metallic or smoothness — that can be done through settings two properties i.e, Metallic — that turns how glossy your image is or metallic look and Smoothness — that makes it bit roughness from the inspector.

Setting Metallic and Smoothness — from Inspector

By adjusting the above properties settings, it gives a much better consistent match to the existing pillar.

I hope this article provides some good information and knowledge about materials, texture, tiling, metallic, and smoothness when using the standard shader.




I am a passionate technologist with a strong aptitude for new skills that includes Exploring and Learning Unity 3D Scripting APIs… !!

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Anurag Chawla

Anurag Chawla

I am a passionate technologist with a strong aptitude for new skills that includes Exploring and Learning Unity 3D Scripting APIs… !!

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