The Great Fleece- Cut-Scenes…

What are cut-scenes in Unity? How they are related to Timelines and Cinemachine…

When creating a cut-scene in Unity, there are two parts.

  1. Timeline — sequence of events, like-wise there is a timeline track that lasts for 5 seconds, during which you can play the animation, sound as well as one can manipulate cameras.
  2. Cine-machine -is your camera, a director that allows you to create a dynamic camera system also known as a virtual camera to create cinematic shots and it works with timeline- as they will allow you to blend cinematic shots and create dynamic cuts.

In the coming article(s)- we will work on both these create an interactive cut scene- Sleeping Guard.

Sleep-Guard Cut Scene:

In this shot — we have two virtual cameras — camera going over Darren and we have a cut-scene, the camera we watched Darren take a key and we go back to the main game.

1st Virtual Camera- Over the Sholder shot for the below usecase

1st Virtual Camera OTS Shot-Over The Shoulder using Cinematics & TimeLines

2nd Virtual Camera- Mid Shot for the below use case

2nd Virtual Camera Mid Shot-using Cinematics & TimeLines

Create a cut scene is a process — we block out our scene and place our actors and we play their animations and make sure their mood, cherograph environments settings are correct

Create virtual Cameras- that compose our shots and when use most pleasing shots we can get and from there we can go ahead and incorporate virtual camera into timelines and create activation tracks and steals the card of the guards , animation track and work on damping camera for smooth movement and will start with placing our acts.

Using Empty GameObject — will create animation for this user story.

3rd -Mid shot LookAt -for the above scene when Darren’s eye and acknowledge the success when he grap the key while security guard asleep.

The Sleeping Guard Cut -Scene

In the next article — we will go into detail(s) of creating this.



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