The Great Fleece- Sleeping Guard Composing the Cut-Scene…!!

As discussed in the last article — we go into details in this article related to Sleeping Guard composing the cut-scene into multiple steps as below...

Here we go through the Blocking the Scene and Composing the Shot…

Blocking the Scene — Here we have in hierarchy window -Game Asset Sleeping Guard — which one sees and interacts when playing the game. But we have the replacement guard which is an actor -Darren. To set up the scene we have to find our actors — which we can find from Prefabs under CutScenes -Get_Card_CutScene as shown below

Actros Sleeping Guard and Darren — under Prefab / Cut-Scene folder

Take these actors — Darren and Security into the hierarchy and move close to the desk and overlap with the Asset sleeping Guard as shown below. The above process is called Blocking the Scene.

Actors from Cut-Scene move towards the desk and overlap with the Asset Sleeping Guard.

Note: Here we will hide/disable the Asset Security Guard & rename the Get_Card_CutScene into Sleeping_Guard_CutScene_Actors

Now in the next step — we have got our cut-scene, now we have to use timelines and cine-machine to compose our shots.

Composing the Shot — In order to set up our shot, we have to dive into cine-machine — which is also called dynamic camera that allows us to create cinematics cuts.

1st Virtual Camera- Over the Shoulder shot for the below use case

Here we create a Virtual Camera -CM -OTS Shot- Select Cinemachine menu and under select Create a Virual Camera that will align the virtual camera in the scene view as what the director wants in his first shot using shift + Command + F in mac

OTS Shot using Command + Shift + F in mac or using GameObject -> Align with View.

2nd Virtual Camera- Mid Shot for the below use case

Similarly, we will create a second virtual camera that pans down to see Darren looking for gripping the card.

Mid Shot using Command + Shift + F in mac or using GameObject -> Align with View.

In the next article — we go further into details of creating the timelines for cut-scenes, animation track, and pan the virtual cameras down.

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